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Dominic Dixon

Published by Claretian Publications

I'm a Teenager, plz understad me!

Teenagers are the biggest casualties of the pressures of life. The Adolescent phase of life is the most critical phase in a human being. This is the time that they are in search for an identity and all that they gather in life - the philosophy, the worldviews, the moral values, will colour their attitude during young adulthood.

Adolescents are like glass: fragile and need to be handled with care. Teenagers have a special need. They need their parents with them to walk with them through this stage of life. If they miss out on the reassurance of parental love at this stage, it becomes very di cult to rectify their behavioural patterns later as this is the moulding period. They are in search of an identity.

"I'm a Teenager, plz understand me! is a cry from the recess of the heart of all today's youth. What Dr. Dixon says is essential as this book focuses on the deepest human problems that challenge 'Today's Teens.' Nothing is more moving or more enlightening than way the author has used his life experiences to open up new vistas of hope and healnig for the youth in the slave camps of despair..." Mrs. Wand Paul, Frist grade teacher of Dr. Dominic F Dixon

Dr. Dominic Dixon

Pornogr@phy and its devastating consequences on the Youth & Women in the Nation of India

A research paper by Dr. Dominic Dixon, for the Government of India. This paper proves that pornographic use is addictive and has contributed to rape and molestation in India. This paper also proves that brain function deteriorates when watching porn.

Dominic Dixon


By HG, Richard William Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton


By Auxiliary Bishop Sproxton of Perth, Western Australia


Theology of the body and sexual integrity


A research paper by Dr. Dominic Dixon, presented to the Catholic Church for use of the Marriage Preparation Course in the Family Commissions and amoungst Youth Groups. It deals with the matiral fidelity and fidelity to the union of Church to Christ.

Released by Auxiliary Bishop Sproxton of Perth, Western Australia.

Published by ATC Publications, endorsed by the Vice Chairma of Exorcism of the Vatican, realsed by Archbishop Bernard Moras and presented at the Asian Mission Congresss in Thailand.

The Beautiful Christian mind

Deliverance from mental illness.

This book is based on Biblical principles and values that Christ and His Apostles have imparted unto us. It is with the integrity of my understanding and experience as a deliverance minister of Biblical context I proclaim that we can be healed of our infirmities through the divine healing of Christ our Redeemer.

The Beautiful Christian Mind may be used as a tool that dwells on the healing touch of God based on Biblical principles. This book is about the mind and the matters of the mind. It explores the deepest, highest, grandest purpose of the mind. It explores the boulevards and depths of dealing with the ailing mind. The book presents the
effects of God’s mercy that produces a throb of the heart greater than you have ever experienced or have ever known - a reason so profound that no one and nothing else even comes close to - HIS UNFAILING LOVE!

Living for the Audience of One!

Flawed. If there is one word that aptly describes the human race and human nature, this is it. Those of us who are given to introspection of even the remotest seriousness will attest to the truth of that statement, discovering as we do the numerous abrasions and inclusions in our psyches. Even those among us who shine with the brilliance of diamonds are like some of the stones: perfect to look at unless examined closely. Yet, perfection is what we are called to. “Be perfect,” Jesus said, “as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) The question is: How does one attain perfection?

This book that you hold in your hand contains many such lessons. Dr. Dominic Dixon still has a long way to go to becoming a perfect saint, but he has made remarkable progress on his journey there thus far. It hasn’t been an easy journey—it never is—but his ourage and resilience in the face of difficulties is inspirational, and the insights that he has discovered along the way are profound. He shares many of these experiences and insights in this book, which is a wonderful combination of personal testimony, Scriptural reference and human psychology. It will be a useful guide, not only for those eager to grow spiritually, but also to those who want to pursue the Call in public ministry. Aneel Aranha, Founder - Holy Spirit Interactive

A Journey to Holiness!

Dr. Dixon’s book on “A Journey to Holiness” is a reflection of his personal journey to holiness. Knowing him for over a decade and being his spiritual elder brother, I can say with confidence that he has been striving to walk with God and this walk has not been easy for him and it is never easy. The gate is narrow. On this journey that he has embarked on, he echo’s God’s voice to the Church as Prophet Elijah did. This book will surely help every Man and Woman on their journey to holiness. Simon Rodrigues – Chairman – Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (BCCRS)

“Suppose that God wishes to fill you with honey [a symbol of God's tenderness and goodness]; but if you are full of vinegar, where will you put the honey?” The vessel, that is your heart, must first be enlarged and then cleansed, freed from the vinegar and its taste. This requires hard work and is painful, but in this way alone do we become suited to that for which we are destined”

Dominic Dixon

Can a Utilitarian respect rights?

Utilitarianism plays fast and loose with God’s commandments by incting the Utility theory of "greater happiness for the greater number - GHGN". If lying, stealing, or killing could lead to an increase of happiness for the greatest number, Act Utilitarianism says we should lie, steal or kill. Isn’t that a rejection of Gods commands? Utilitarianism is a secular alternative to Divine Command theory; therefore, the concept of Utilitarianism seems to be on borrowed ethics which is post facto, not rational or reasoning. According to classical utilitarianism, the sole moral obligation is to Maximize utility (= happiness = pleasure

Dominic Dixon Bangalore


Just as any movie would have a script writer, a director and actors; it is the same with the pornographic industry. As there are genres in the media industry; the same exists in the adult entertainment industry too. One such type of audience and consumers are those with sexual fetishism to view child pornography. However, while our government prohibits and bans child pornography, the pornographic industry is currently beating the Indian system– simply by portraying young boys and girls as little children – consequently insinuating child pornography.

I have coined this term as CPS or child pornography simulation

Dominic Dixon Bangalore

Dr. Dominic F Dixon has submitted a report of the event to Tabor Magazine, the official magazine of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. This report carries information of the current events that have been systematically orchestrated against the Church in India by fringe Hindutva groups.

In this eye-opening interview, Dr. Dixon shares his welath of knowledge in this area to help us understandthe addictive dangers of pornography and the devastating effects if has on us as a nation.


Dominic Dixon
Dr. Dominic Dixon


In this world of sophisticated secular philosophy, we still debate on what is right and wrong and we debate on the metaphysics and the epistemology of morals. Perhaps our sophistication is not in line with ethics of the absolute thought but of a superficial and self knowledge, subjective and convenient understanding of morality.

INDIA: A country of particular concern

To a civilian, it's not about a political party but about the effectiveness of the "serving" government. Regrettably, in India an admirable statesman could morph into a questionable politician because of the unwritten corruptive dictum of the "ruling" party. India has seen almost a dozen former Chief Ministers either prosecuted or convicted for corruption. 

This is injustice and injustice is an obstruction of justice according to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). (UNODC Chapter III Articles 15-24): this act may not be considered as a criminal offence according to domestic legislation, but is "Quiet Corruption' and is an act against human rights.

KLEPTOCRACY - Exploitations of Nations

This research paper is the manifestation of Dr. Dixon's programme in Diplomatic Practice at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and Economic Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland.

This paper is aimed at drawing attention to anti-corruption activists and advocacies against corruption; and to postulate an international perspective of the innumerable forms of modus operandi envisaged by Kleptocrats. Research and cases studies have been derived from dozens of publications, interviewing of bureaucrats and diplomats, political ministers and investigative journalists.

In the classical sense, corrupt rulers or kleptocrats, (ab)use their power to exploit

their nation’s resources for personal gain, ambition and political supremacy.

There are varied aspects of corruption such as money laundering, fraud, electoral crimes, embezzlement and the list goes on. A society does not diminish or become corrupt overnight, it happens progressively.

Therefore, I wish to reiterate that scholarship emphasis needs to be on ‘individual corruption’ to begin with. For instance, a nation may be corrupt because of its leaders and their connivance with the underworld. For instance, Mohammed Suharto, President of Indonesia (1967-1998) had embezzled an estimated $15-35 billion and Arnold Aleman, President of Nicaragua (1997-2002) who embezzled an estimated $100 million.

Read the paper by clicking here: 

* Citations are mentioned in the Research paper.

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