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Dr. Dominic Dixon has been widely interviewed in over 36 countries & over 100 Provinces by CNN, Headlines Today, US Politics, Agence France Presse, Khaleej Times Dubai, Times Now, NDTV, Yahoo, India Today, Taipei Times, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, Family Mantra, Charis Times, Times of India, Saudi, News 9, News X and dozens of other news medias.

Dominic Dixon Bangalore
Dominic Dixon
Dominic Dixon
Dominic Dixon
Dominic Dixon Bangalore
Dominic Dixon Bangalore
Dominic Dixon Bangalore
Dr. Dominic Dixon

Bengaluru: Security was tightened across Bengaluru to prevent attacks on people over the Cauvery river water controversy between Karnataka and Tamilnadu...

Dominic Dixon Bangalore


Discussing on the Cauvery issue: Kannada fringe groups have given Namma Bengaluru a foul name by vandalizing public property, arson and violence against a specific peoples' group. Where were these lunatics when the farmers were committing suicide, when the government was looting its people, when the civil amenities were disrupted, etc? These groups are fringe affiliates of political parties. They did not even spare a reputed India Today journalist by assaulting her.

Black day for Bengaluru!

Dr. Dominic Dixon
Dr. Dominic Dixon Bangalore

BBMP, Bengaluru's arbitrary demolition drive against its citizens due to corrupt officials.

Dr Dominic F Dixon


“The ongoing demolition of lake encroachments in Bengaluru raises the inevitable question: Who should bear the blame for hapless citizens going through the agony of seeing their dream houses coming down like ninepins? Were these citizens conned or did they merely trust a system where „A‟ khatas carry no weight? It is hard to believe that the authorities failed to notice the glaring fact that that the houses were being
built on rajakaluves when the plans were brought to them for approval. Did those authorised to give the nod for building plans turn a blind eye just because their palms were greased all the way? The demolitions may in future save the city from a Chennai like flood but they have also exposed the sad truth that realtors and greedy bureaucrats have destroyed the faith of the common man in the civic administration.” Deccan Chronicle, 9th August, 2016.


Dominic Dixon Bangalore

COWS IN INDIA:Conference on Cow calls for renewed unity among Minorities to fight divisive politics of the Sangh Parivar and communal forces that weaken the Indian Democracy.

Dr Dominic F Dixon

10.11.2015: In 2015, we are still debating about the COW, instead of feeding the hungry!
PM Modi wears a Nehru jacket, CM of Karnataka, Siddhuramiah wears a dhoti and CM of Tamilnadu, Jayalalitha eats only curd rice, no one dare question their choice. I eat at beef, shut up!

Don't judge me by the content of my plate, but judge me by the content of my character!

The RSS if it wills, can be the driving force of the nation - feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, but instead, it behaves like a misguided missile!

Dr. Dominic Dixon

Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

Dr. Dixon was invited to present my research paper to the Leaders of India and to those who represent the Prime Minister. Those present were the leaders of the BJP, RSS, VHP and other groups of the Central Government. Being the only Christian, it was a bit intimidating but I was welcomed graciously. The other key note speaker was the prominent Journalist & Political Analyst Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik. We welcome the change that is going to happen in this country, addressing the grave issues that are persisting! 

Dr. Dominic Dixon


Dr Dominic F Dixon

 In the age of internet, communicating to your near and dear ones is just a phone call or a text away. As more and more people are resorting to interacting online, there is another trend that is catching up, especially among the teens and that is sexting. Sexting is exchange of or sharing sexually explicit messages, visuals or images.

India’s ugly face of racism & stereotyping -  Dominic Dixon Bangalore

Dominic Dixon Bangalore

It's like a foreigner attacking an Indian for a crime committed by a Pakistani because we have similar racial features!
I protested against such violence and racism. Was on Times Now & India Today 
news channels.

An African female student was beaten, stripped and her car burnt, because an African from another country, not connected to her, had met with an accident and killed a Bengalurean.

But what definition is Bengaluru a cosmopolitan city anymore? Racial attacks are increasingly being orchestrated by radicalized localities, inspired by cast bank, communal politicians. To attack one African for the act of another African is attacking a race.


Dominic Dixon Bangalore

20.10.2015 Bengaluru: Over a dozen corporators are staring at a disqualification in Bangalore for not declaring their assets and liabilities even a month after the election of the new Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Council.

What the law says: According to Section 19 of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, every corporator has to file a declaration of his assets and liabilities with the mayor.Speaking to iamin, Dr Dominic F Dixon of We The People of Bengaluru, filing a declaration of all assets is the responsibility of all the corporators. "Within 30 days of taking office, every BBMP corporator is required to file his/her statement of wealth. If they do not do so then they are immediately disqualified - no questions asked. A large number of our newly elected corporators simply have not filed their assets and the Mayor has acknowledged that during our meeting. No court can help such defaulters as the law is absolute and not ambigious,'' Dr Dixon said.

Notified the Municipal Commissioner for negligence 

Dominic F Dixon, Dominic Dixon Bangalore

23.09.2015: In the wake of serial deaths on the streets of Bengaluru due to the negligence of the civic body, the BBMP, a forum was formed to combat this issue. We have filed cases against the BBMP Commissioner, the Mayor and other ministers who are culpable for the deaths of innocent civilians. The BBMP have not followed the Indian Roads Congress norms in laying of the roads or in filling pot holes. A techie lost her life while riding pillion and her husband was booked for rash driving when the actual culprits are the BBMP officials.


Dominic Dixon Bangalore

16.08.2014, TIMES NOW: Karnataka Chief Minister's convoy holds up traffic while blocking 3 ambulances as he canvases for the BBMP elections. Traffic Warden Athyanarayana HM was perturbed and took to Facebook to post his anguish, he stated “I even approached and requested the CM security police jeep that was coming from Gayatri Vihar to allow the ambulances to pass, but they just pushed me and went ahead."I had given my reaction on Times Now. I had written an open letter to the Chief Minister of Karnataka

The Hon'ble CM had promptly replied to my letter and took the appropriate action.
Dr Dominic Dixon

Dear Sir, Dr. MS Saleem, IPS, Joint Commissioner, Traffic, BCP.

Dr. Dominic F Dixon, Povost of Ethos Institute has sent a mail to the Honourable Chief Minister showing his concern and about the inconvenience caused to the Ambulances during the passing of Chief Ministers Convoy, the same is forwarded herewith. It is to bring to your kind notice that Honourable Chief Minister has already instructed that no Ambulance shall be stopped during the convoy movement and if need be the Convoy can be stopped to have the easy movement of Ambulances. You are requested to kindly pass on the instructions to all the concerned Officers to strictly follow the same.

Thanking you, 
With Warm Regards,
Syed Khaja Mohiddin,
Special Officer to Chief Minister,
Government of Karnataka

Joint Commissioner Traffic had immediately acted on the CM's instruction and issued a circular that no ambulanance shall be stopped during the movement of the CM or any other ministers


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