BRIEF: A decade of international experience in Social Justice, International Law & Humanitarian work. Expertise in Advocacy & external relations, with activism in governmental advisory for foreign and public policy, in sectors of the United Nations, International Organizations to the UN, NGO, Private & Public. Excellent written and oral communication skills; with proficiency in drafting of resolutions, organizational constitutions, reporting, case studies and research. Exceptional cross platform computer skills in; Data processing, analysis, accounting, presentation, graphic design and publishing.

Dr. Dominic F Dixon


The titles associated with most of the positions of Dr. Dixon are not paralleled in monitory or materialistic compensation or value, but in positions of influence to bring healing to a hurting world, especially to orphans and widows and to victims of communal and political conflict. His work and publications have been recognized by the international community and widely covered by the media, worldwide.


Dr. Dominic Dixon was expelled from school at the age of 15. Dominic F Dixon's education was discontinued due to poverty, a delinquent and hazardous family environment and a victim of child sexual abuse. Dominic Dixon continued his studies via full time technical education and then extension learning in the midst of hardships and poverty. Today, Dr Dominic Dixon stands as a role model to the millions of youth in India, while being recognized by the State and Central governments for his contribution to the nation of India.

One of Dominic Dixon's flagship courses was his training in Core Diplomatic Practice at the United Nations HQs in Vienna-Austria and Geneva-Switzerland, along with fifteen other diplomats from various countries who are career diplomats to the UN and to their respective Embassies. He authored an explosive research paper titled, KLEPTOCRACY - Exploitation of Nations.

Dr. Dominic Dixon has participated in extensive research studies in Psychology of Emotions and earned his doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and furthered research studies in Philosophy of Ethics at Oxford University, UK and Justice and Religion at Harvard University, US. Dominic F Dixon has also studied International Law & International Human Rights at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and and Solving Public Policy Problems from University of California, Berkley.

Dr. Dominic Dixon is a life long learner and is presently engaged in international studies via distance and online education.

Recent Responsibilities:

Dominic Dixon Bangalore

- Head - Research & Development, CIFAL Bengaluru, United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR)

- Chairman, MORE TRUST – Centre for Reconcillation

- Provost, Ethos Institute

- Director, VERITAS TV & HSI Radio

Presentations & Research:

Dominic F Dixon

- Research to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Pornography & its

   devastating consequences of the Youth & Women in the nation of India)

- Research to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Youth behavioural)

- Research to President Prathibha Patil (Adolescent Sociology &      


- Research to Governor of Karnataka, Hans Raj Bharwdwaj

- Research to Governor of Tamilnadu, Dr. K. Rosaiah

- Research to Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddurappa

- Presentation to Cyber Crime, Interpol on legal processes

- Research on the Juvenile Justice System in Bangalore


Academic Authorship -

Dominic F Dixon

- Author of seven books, 5 on youth in conflict

- Paper on Communal harmony and understanding of ideologies

- Authored several text books on Psychology & Emotions

- Author of six Audio volumes on Holistic Counselling

- Research to University of Oxford, Utilitarianism & Human Rights

- Research to University of Oxford, Moral Absolutisms


Media: -

Dr. Dominic Dixon

has been widely interviewed in over 36 countries & over 100 Provinces by CNN, Headlines Today, US Politics, Agence France Presse, Khaleej Times Dubai, Times Now, NDTV, Yahoo, India Today, Family Mantra, Charis Times, Times of India, Saudi, News 9, News X and others.

Languages: English, German, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, (French)


Recent International Delegation of Dr Dominic Dixon:

Netherlands, Australia, Thailand, Canada, America, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Israel, Dubai, Muscat, Austria, Palestine, Kuwait, France, Lebanon, India, Egypt, Jordan, Chez Republic, Qatar, Germany…

Dr Dominic Dixon


References: Available upon request Profile prepared by Ethos Institute |

Dominic Dixon Bangalore, Dr Dominic Dixon, Dominic F Dixon


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